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Who Are We?

Agriculture is the brightest hope
Who Are We?

Taran Agricultural and Livestock Sector Cooperative (TALSC), is a Somali registered indigenous non-Governmental and non-profit making farm cooperative, instituted staffed, and managed by a faculty of Somali farming professionals, it was established in 2004 by a group of intellectuals, professionals and well-respected businesspersons in Bulo-burte district, Hiiran region and Mahaday district in Middle Shabelle Somalia.

TALSC has agricultural facilities composing of two productive farmlands located in Hiran region and Middle Shabelle region of south central Somalia. The farmland in Hiran of
Yucub village is an area of 400 hectares and the main production includes banana, sesame, lemon, water melon, maize, tomato, sorghum and onion. The farm located in Mahaday middle Shabelle is 350 hectares and produces maize, sesame and watermelon.

TALSC maintains animal care such as camel, cattle and goats which constitute major livestock of the locality after the farming because the community is more agro pastoral


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